“Pluto XIII” by Nawaf Kassen / “Lights Camera Action” by Mahimn Dave

“Lights Camera Action”

Mahimn Dave

“Pluto XIII”

Nawaf Kassen

I am a water sign

As tranquil as that sounds

My thoughts never seem to align 

Disconnected from grounds, my mind knows no bounds

I write, draw, read, and bake

but that’s only a piece

because no matter what I make

it’s always the process that brings me peace

I once grasped my identity

Now I’m just lost 

Desperately seeking serenity

I wonder what that will cost


So far from reality

It’s truly bizarre

how I’m patching my life with morality

I was once adamant 

about what I was destined for

Now I’m stagnant

Wanting nothing more


to things I never thought could endure

but I continue to ensure

that these scenarios will only let me mature

I am whatever the universe makes of me

So much potential wasted