9th & 10th Grade Writing/Art Contest – A Single Place

9Th & 10Th grade writing/art contest: A single place

eva berglund (winner)

Dozens of gray plastic desks line the room in rows and large round tables line the back wall. Hard blue chairs matched neatly with each one, metal baskets underneath the seat. The squeak of whiteboard markers on the board, notes written from period to period. A large desk tucked securely in the front corner of the room with dark wooden drawers and nicked table top. Sunlight streams in from the windows, illuminating dust specks that float through the hazy afternoon air. Faded maps decorate the walls, showing the world in shades of every color in the rainbow. Afternoon class.

neko lin (runner up)

Kőbánya cellar system

josiah mo (runner up)

The looming vaulted arches, uniformly situated, perpendicularly casting their shadows upon the pathway below. Eerie torches allocated at the base of the wide arches, humming gently as they give off their radiant glow. The moist ashen limestone walls, their insalubrious contents infested with mold, their dilapidated quality quid autem pulchritudinous. A well trodden passage, saturated with water on both sides, as if they contain the souls of those who walked here of yore. Gloomy shadows, looming over the path, all is quiet bar the gentle pitter patter of loose water drops. 


sriman iyer


hannah berkun

There’s an eerie silence on the top of the mountain. 

Peace before everyone awakens. 

With the sun in its early stages,

fighting the moon for power. 


It’s the first day of spring

and yet the weather feels far from it.

I can see my breath. 

Snow is still visible from the peak.


But when the sun rises,

Illuminating the sky with its yellow rays.

The ice seems to melt away, 

The lake becomes vibrant and blue.


In a few minutes the whole world 

goes from silence to booming.

Looking down from the summit 

Reveals a forest bustling with creatures.


The sky now filled with colors,

Is something I could look at everyday.

mary keniry

Dear Younger Self… (10th grade writing contest)

10th Grade writing contest


I‘ll never understand how you survived those days living in the plague
How you accepted all those answers never understanding how vague
The toxicity should have killed you, it would have killed a thousand men
Yet there I stand, hoping to teach you a lesson

rachael perez


“untitled” / julia waldorf

If I could say one thing to my younger self, it would be to live in the moment. Every year I look back at the year before thinking wow that was the best time of my life. I never learn to appreciate the present, but wish I was in the past.

evie Vincelette

(runner up)

What´s it like?

What´s what like?

What´s it like being grown up. 

Responsibility, accountability, and maturity. 

What are those? 

Don´t worry about it. 

Worry about having fun and being a kid.

But I want to be an older kid. 

You don’t want to. Stay young we aren´t anything cool.

peter resnick (runner up)

HONorable mentions