“In Doubt” by Brooke Hebert / “A Gloomy Day” by Amina Malik

“A Gloomy Day”

Amina Malik

“In Doubt”

Brooke Hebert

the water looks cold              like ice       the combustion from it

like straight out of a freezer       and

i want to jump in            but i cant and i want to dive in but i 

i wont         afraid that my fingers will crumble like snow if i do     

so i 

stay       my feet dangling from the pier so close to the numb water

is what i want to say but all i could manage is 

the water looks             cold 

like snow and its almost frozen over maybe we shouldnt jump in 

maybe we shouldnt dive in

And my friend walks back to the opposite end of the pier 

mumbling about my uncertainty           why so indecisive?

why so uncertain mumbling through             i even ask myself

why i am so uncertain             why im so indecisive