“In a Blink of an Eye” By Elena Hymes / “Those Watercolor Eyes” By Hans Gupta

“Those Watercolor Eyes”

Hans Gupta

“In a Blink of an Eye”

Elena Hymes

  I don’t like to blink, if I blink everything goes away. 

she said ¨In the blink of an eye it’s gone..̈ What if that’s true,

In one blink

In one second 

Everything is gone. 

I tried to stop blinking, to keep the moment, to pause time.

I keep my eyes open. Prying them open with two hands, making them burn hot like fire, my tears unwillingly crawl down my face. 

It’s not enough.

it’s never enough, I always blink and the moment is gone

her love is gone.

I reach and Claw at my eyes, wanting to grab what I once saw

I need to go back to the feeling, bring me back to the moments.

In one blink of an eye, I now see things differently. 

it’s true, she was right it’s all gone in the blink of an eye.