Christine Curley Memorial Award 2024

Christine Curley Memorial Award 2024

The Christine Curley Memorial Award for Creative Writing has been established by Christine’s parents to be presented annually to the students who display interest and potential in creative writing.

During Christine’s high school years, she showed great promise as a poet, and the hope of her parents is that this award will encourage other students to pursue in their writing the spirit with Christine so beautifully demonstrated in her own.

A faculty committee has chosen

Tehreem fatima

Poettes’ Tale

I am not a poet
But a woman albeit
The earth is my page
Aged by existence
But its blank- nothing
Is untouched but the trees
Seized to write

The way of the world
Hurled me into a whole
Hole of conformation
Molded my cognation to believe
And perceive that the difference
Is an inference between women and girls

Dream and women don’t
Live in fantasies but
Face reality through silent
Understanding manning the being
Seeing but never freeing
The light in my throat
Matches the words I never wrote

To my daughter’s mother
Another letter to explain
That I am not a woman
But a poet peeling a persimmon
To reveal the golden core
Adored by girls around the world
Dare to dream it seems

That if to be a woman is to give
Up the most beautiful something
Than I’d rather have nothing
But my pen and paper
Taper but I am unfazed
And raised by the notion
Of never being a poet for
I am a poette.


souls twirling in a dance
on chance- we met
our eyes the keys
unlocking the willow trees- perched

upon the hill- filled
a gap between us grows
apart from galaxies of light
gleaming citrine, mauve, azure- sure

shine upon skin- akin
flames burning blood
rushes through bodies not souls
in the stars- molten gold
hardens to keys

of maple
traveling far far away
to partake in a universal dance
on chance- upon continents
on opposite ends of the same string